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ZADAGAN presents the Şanapipik tablecloth from the Absheron Gardens collection, which  embodies the pleasant memories of the gardening season. Against the backdrop of greenery, blue sky, and turquoise  shades of the sea that bring freshness to the hearts under the  hot sun, have a look at this birdie, a symbol of abundance, spring, and devotion. Remember the hoopoe legend. A bride, noble, shy, and with hennaed hair, loyal to her family,  suddenly hears her father-in-laws voice as she gets ready to  shower her head.

Frolicking children in the yard run to their  grandfather while the bride is tidying up. The door suddenly  opens while she tries to cover her head. The young woman stretches out her hands to God to turn into a bird and prays for relief from this disdain. When the father-in-law enters the room, Hoopoe also flutters the wings and flies away. Since then, this beautiful bird, the bride worried about her children, has been saying oop-oop to call for her children.

They say every legend is rooted in truth.

We clearly see this by looking at Hoopoes nest depicted on the pillow and the way the feathered friend treats its nestlings.

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